Bee takes the guesswork out of your workouts

What makes Bee so special?

Bee puts the fun back into functional and takes the guesswork out of your workouts. But how does she do that?

You always know what to to

Exercise, rep ranges, rest time: Bee always knows what is best for you to do right now and tells you in the most functional manner.

You Always Have Fun

Fun lasts. Bee is not about all-serious no-jokes pain-gain. Just look at her face! We will work hard together, and laugh hard.

Daily Undulating Periodization

What’s fun and knowing what to do if you are doing the wrong things? With proper periodization, you train with variety and results.

Is Bee for Me?

Bee is for you if the picture of an attractive body in the mirror excites you.

Bee is for you if you want to feel the endorphin rush of moving your bones.

Bee is for you if you want something satisfying to look forward to every day.

This is no dream, because the endorphin rush of moving will lead to the attractive body and satisfaction. It’s like bees collecting pollen will be followed by attractive and delicious pears or apples.

All right, now that we have talked about the bees and the pollen, here’s what you need:


You should have some five hours to do sports per week. We’re not going to promise you it will take less, because it doesn’t.


Ideally, you’ll have all the equipment a gym offers or free weights to throw around. We’ll get you started with bare feet and a towel, too, though.


You need not survive on willpower. If you do not enjoy your workouts, they’ll not work long-term. So, we’ll make sure you do or it’s on us.

How Do I Know This Works?

Bee did not invent this.

(“Yes, Bee, you did invent the overhead beeceps curl. And the bee-butt twist, too, yes.”)

Bee’s plans are based on solid science and specific studies. See some of them below and examine yourself. Bees are smart, after all, as well as hard-working (“and inventive, yes—yes, Bee”).

The thing is, Bee has done the hard work and turned the science and experience into workable plans fit for you.

Practical Programming for Strength Training

by Mark Rippetoe. Sober advice, clear and logical.

Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy

by Brad Schoenfeld. Sums up much of the experimental underpinnings.

Beyond Bigger Leaner Stronger

by Michael Matthews. No-nonse and practical, this is also the most approachable book here

When Can I Get Started?

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